Workbench Systems
Clean Room Stools


SMT offer Cleanroom and non-cleanroom stools. Our Cleanroom stool are available in Stainless steel. At SMT we believe the quality of chair, is ergonomics and its ability to enhance the productivity of the user contribute to its real value. The SMT SUS stools series chair features specially
contoured seating with ESD cover metal base seat. Adjustability (One lever quickly adjusts the height of the seat) All bodies vary in height, weight and shape therefore it is crucial to have a versatile chair to fit them all. Its comes with 4 types of option: Metal Ring Base, SUS Leveling Stand, 2" Plastic Caster Wheel & 2" Metal Caster Wheel.
Features: Open Wire.
Features: Metal Contoured Seating.
Features: Ergonomics Design.
Benefits: Minimize dust accumulation & maximized air circulation, Minimize product weight.
Benefits: Eliminate the possibility of damaged seating foam in the future resulting in contamination.
Benefits: Enhance the productivity of the user.
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